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Dynamic Conditional formatting is not working

Dec 07, 2017 at 07:23 AM


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I am using lumira designer and lumira discovery for data visualisation,

I have a KPI that I want to set its color formatting dynamically ( from user ) so I am using Conditional formatting table and pop it up for the user using this line of code :

but when it pops up to the user , added rules are not applied to the text!! and not saved.
I want to know also how to set the table for a certain datastore, because it shows all the measures and dimensions of all the charts I have been using.


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Please clarify your problem with detailed annotated screenshots.

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Mustafa Bensan

Okay ,,

here is the where I write my code to view the conditional formatting table from a dropbox menu selection

and here when the form of conditional formatting pops up to the user and the user added a new rule

and then when the rule is applied, it doesn't affect the measure text ( doesn't turn its color to red ) .

code.png (156.1 kB)
app.png (99.8 kB)
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Mustafa Bensan Dec 07, 2017 at 10:47 AM

In order to apply the Conditional Format Settings dialogue to a chart at run-time you need to include the chart as a parameter, as shown below:

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Former Member

great, thank you!

Mustafa Bensan Dec 07, 2017 at 08:35 AM


It seems you are activating conditional formatting on a chart (CHART_5) but in the dialogue you are setting formatting for text which is applicable to a Crosstab and not a Chart.

Can you confirm exactly which component you are trying to activate the conditional formatting for?

For a Chart you need to select the Fill colour in the dialogue and not the text colour.



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Former Member

I am using the formatting for the KPI Chart of Lumira Discovery.
As shown in the attached image, I want to format my numeric value ( Measure -> Average ),
isn't it possible for a KPI Chart?


I don’t see the attached KPI chart image.

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Why fill? I want the numeric value only to be formatted , when I use the conditional formatting table on discovery or designer it works correctly,
but when it is done dynamically it doesn't.

kpi.png (58.2 kB)