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EBS Search String return values appear twice

Dec 11, 2017 at 09:39 AM


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Hi All,

I have constructed a search string as attached screen, however when I test the same, it seems to appear twice. This is causing a problem in the string usage. The number that I filter out is the document number on the basis of which I will trace the clearing document number. Interpretion algorithm to be used is:60.

Please Help.

Best regds


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2 Answers

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Bastiaan Jansen Dec 11, 2017 at 04:13 PM

seems standard behaviour, shouldn't cause a problem

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Subhadeep Das Dec 11, 2017 at 04:28 PM


The problem I am facing is with the document number that I am extracting through this string. I intend to use this document number and pull out the clearing/payment document number so that ebs can clear the open paid item in the outgoing bank gl. however this is not happening. I shall be so glad if you can guide me through pls.

Best Regds


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Ok, the search string finds the INV number. If found you run interpretation algorithm 060 (seems to me you can link it directly te the operation code?)

I looked in the code for algorithm 060 (FIEB_060_ALGORITHM). It selects from the BSAD with numbers found in the note-to-payee. So you will find the documentnumber already contained in the string and not the clearing document number I guess.

Best Solution would be to include the clearing documentnumber when creating the payment file (F110) with a tag and use this when processing the statements. Pick this up with a standard algorithm and make a posting rule which clears the open item (outgoing payments)