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Mar 24, 2008 at 04:27 AM

Why am not getting the FILED LABLES in SM30 for my_Z_table?


Hi Experts,

I created a Z table with 5 fileds, all are Z fileds. Initially, I created all 5 Z domains, corresponding all 5 Z data elements. Then, I assigned thses 5 data elements, to the fileds in the Z table. I have defined the SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG, HEADING fileds, while creating the DATA ELENETS.

Then, I wanna, to populate some entries into this Z table, so, I opened the SM30 for this Z table, but, I did NOT see the FILED LABLES for the last 3 fileds(am getting the LABLES for first 2 fileds), instead am getting as "+" sign at the place of FILED LABLES.

1 - So, pls. let me know that, Why am getting as + instaed of FILED LABELS?

2 - How show up the FILED LABLES for the last 3 fileds.

I guess, there is enough room. coz, length is only 15 CHAR.


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