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Change pointer not generating entry in BDCP2 table despite all configuration.

Dec 11, 2017 at 04:29 AM


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Hi experts!!

Need some urgent help on this please!! Any useful lead/answers will be rewarded.

My requirement is to trigger an iDoc through change pointers whenever I use transaction MM02, and in classification details, I change material class details.

I have done all the necessary config viz. BD61, BD50, BD51, BD52, etc.

Yet when I make changes in the material, there is neither an entry created in BDCP2 table, nor an idoc generated when I execute transaction BD21.

However, for the same material, using same transaction MM02, if I change let's say some field in Basic Data tab, the relevant change pointers and iDoc is getting generated.

Please provide your valuable opinions on below points:

1. Have I missed any step in config?

2. Is there some special config for this transaction apart from the regular change pointer configuration.

3. What is the madatory check (any table entry, any TCODE) that would let me know that a particular table/field change would be logged into BDCP2.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Danish,

  • Have you checked BD60 settings for the message type.
  • Check if BDCP2 (field BDCP2_SUP)is enabled or not

Hope it helps.




I checked that as well. The entry is existing in BD60 :( yet no change pointer generated.


I'm assuming you've already searched Google and SAP Notes for similar issues.

It would be helpful if you shared the field name. Otherwise we can only guess. Perhaps the field you're changing is not really the one that is configured for the change pointers. Or some setting in the field that prevents change tracking. Need more information.


Table: AUSR Field: ATWRT

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Danish Makhdum Dec 15, 2017 at 07:28 AM

This issue got solved by an enhancement.

We called the FM CHANGE_POINTERS_CREATE_DIRECT and the entries were getting created after that! :)

Credits: Suraj Ghotekar :)

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Please post this as an answer and close the question. See this blog.

Thank you.


Thanks! Done :)


Hi Danish,

I am Facing the same issue. Can you elaborate exactly where you have inserted this FM and which enhancement