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VA02 - multiple screen variant does not work

We have a requirement to grey off all white box that able to change the field data.

The only one is that within a subscreen of Item overiew, only schedule lines is allowed.

We tried to perform that and created a list of 21 variant screens generate by SHD0.

After customized to hide the respective fields, we did click on "Test" mode. However all the fields still allow to be change. There is 1 transaction variant with multiple 21 screen variants.

However when we perform only single screen variant in test mode. It works.

How do we get the transaction variant with multiple screen variants working ?

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    My apology, we did not hide it. We just select it as "Output only".

    This a requirement for the analyst (business process), not mine. I am a security/basis/database/os person.

    My task was to help to look into possibilities to use SHD0 (transaction variant + screen variant) to grey off all the fields that able to be change, except for 1 tab - Schedule line (a sub screen under Item Overview) since they claim not able to perform it from their side.

    So to sum up, in VA02, I enter the order number at the main screen, press ENTER. It will then bring up the Change ... Standard Order <order number> Overview screen. In this screen there are 4 tabs (Item overview, Ordering party, Shipping, Reason for rejection). Here, the business want to grey off all the white boxes that are changeable inside all the 4 tabs.

    Second, when I double click on the Item overview Material line number, it will bring up the Change ... Standard Order <order number> Item Data screen. Here we will have about 12 tabs. Out of these 12 tabs, the requirement is to grey off all the fields that are changeable except for 1 tab - Schedule lines.

    What I did was go to SHD0 and create a transaction variant f(Z_VA02_LIMIT) for transaction VA02 and select those fields as "Output Only" for the respective screen. So there are about 12 transaction variant screens. All these 12 screens variants are assign to 1 transaction variant (Z_VA02_LIMIT) in SHD0 under Transaction Variants tab.

    When I click on the Test for the transaction variant Z_VA02_LIMIT (under Transaction Variants tab), all the fields that was selected as Output Only did not grey off.

    However when I test it as individual screen variant (under Screen Variants tab) in SHD0, the fields are grey off properly.

    May I know why those 21 screen variant that was assign to the single transaction variant Z_VA02_LIMIT did not show the same result ?

    Kindly see my screen capture, consist of few screens. I hope you understand what I am talking about.va02-limit.png

    va02-limit.png (424.0 kB)
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    I think I found the answer to my issue. Will advice the SD Analyst why it does not work.

    2048376 - Transaction variants and sales documents

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  • Dec 11, 2017 at 05:54 AM

    I do not understand what it is that you are trying to achieve - there is no explanation on the exact fields, why and when some fields need to be non-editable and why SHD0 is selected as the most appropriate solution.

    There is some discrepancy in your explanation - first you mentioned making fields non-editable (graying out), then you explained that you hide the fields, which are two different things.

    If you wish to increase the chances of receiving relevant replies it may be a good idea to rewrite the question, explain the business process, add some screenshots etc. and make it more understandable by people outside of your organization.

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    • You may wish to obtain a second opinion on the requirement and the proposed approach from your solution architect or another senior/lead SD consultant, but it seems that these SHD0 restrictions may result in more problems than the issues that they aim to solve. By the way, from some transactions you can get to VA02 by performing a certain function - I am not entirely sure that in this scenario your custom variant will be applied (which may be desirable or not).

      A better approach will be to sit with a senior SD person, review each field separately - do you really need to restrict it, when and how and decide on the best way to handle the problem.

      There are alternatives to prevent adjustments of specific fields in change mode - for example with exits, customizing, statuses, authorizations, where you can also add code to check for certain prerequisites, which you cannot achieve with transaction variants.

      The idea to restrict the possibility of setting rejection reason in particular could impact normal business operations, because this is how you get rid of obsolete orders and order items. By failing to do so on time it can happen that these reserve stock that should be used for other orders, it influences credit control, future archiving and reporting.

      Graying out some fields in edit mode may also make it difficult to process incompletion (assuming that business users should have access only to this limited transaction) and can be a problem for CR/DR/RK if a user makes a mistake while adjusting the price or dates and does not have access to the original VA02 - this will mean a ticket every time someone makes a mistake.

      I completely understand that as a basis person requesting a second opinion on how reasonable is the proposed solution is not usually expected from you, but if you ask another person within the organization it may save you from reworking the solution multiple times until the actual business requirement is fulfilled.