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Mar 23, 2008 at 02:47 PM

Cumulated key figs difference


Dear All,

I have two kfs as kf1 and kf2.for this two kf's i am calculating cumulated keyfigs.See below for ex.

KF1 Cummulatedkf1 KF2 Cumulated kf2

10 10 5 5

20 30 15 20

0 0 10 30

15 45 50 80

5 50 33 113

now i want to calculate the difference between the cumulated keyfigs ( cumulated kf1 - cumulated kf2 ).But unfortunately when i take the cumulated kfs in formulae to calculate the diff i am getting the difference between the actual kf's only.insted of cumulated see below..

diff of cumulated kf( what i am expecting, cumulated kf1-cumulated kf2)






but when i create the formulae or calculated kf to calculate the cumulated kf diff i am getting actual kfs difference as followed.

result what i am getting ( kfs diff instead of cumulated kfs)






please tell me is there any other tip to calculate the cumulated kf's difference .i tried thru formulae,calculated kf's, cell editor..but there is no use...for all the methods i am getting the actual kf's value instead of cumulated kf's.

Its appreciable if you have any inputs.

Thanks in Advance

Edited by: vardhan reddy gudi on Mar 23, 2008 10:27 PM