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Mar 22, 2008 at 11:13 AM

Regarding Vendor Balance Confirmation Report(FI Module Issue)


Hi Experts

I have a small issue in FI Module while using standard Programe(SAPF130K).

If you execute the above program and pass the parameters vendor no and posting date then only get the data.

But my client requirment is Get the data based on ProfitCenter(PRCTR) and they want only Open Items.In Select-Options Profit Center is not there.I need to add PRCTR(Profit Center) in select-options.

In standard program used BSIK and BSAK.

These two tables in Profit Center data is not available.How can i get data based on Profit Center.

My variant

Select-Options is

given below.


Select Options"

Vendor 1010000001

CompanyCode 1000

Reconciliation Key Date -- current date

adding this select-option---Profit Center 10200120

Futhter Selections Check Individual Vendors

Total Balance

Check zero Balances

Keydate For Master Records

Form Set

selected for Empty One in F4Help

Sort Var.for Correspondence K3

Line item sorting P3

Date of issue current date

Check No Reply(because not assaigned to Company Code)

Printer for Form Set LP01

Printer for Reconcil. List LP01

Printer for results table LP01

Printer for selections LP01