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Mar 22, 2008 at 06:50 AM

JSPM_MAIN Phase SDM unable to read inbox dir error



I am trying to update the JSPM kernel via SDM and The error message I am getting is "Cannot detect new components in Inbox directory. Error while analyzing the content of the inbox directory. Canno detect new kernel and SDM archives. Cannot detect if there are SDM archives in directory /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in. Could not extract SDM patch archive /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in/SDMKIT.jar to read its version information. invalid END header (bad directory size)/

You can find more information in the log file /usr/sap/PID/DVEBMSG70/j2ee/JSPM/log/log_2008_0_22_01_11_54/JSPM_MAIN_1_01.LOG

Also it says to look at

Cannot detect new components in inbox directory



NetWeaver Upgrade

Java Upgrade

Enviornment: PI 7 on NW2004s or 7, iSeries (OS400) DB2 - DB4

Searched a lot of notes and no real luck why?