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Mar 21, 2008 at 04:12 PM

Diag Tool Error: ITS - Web AS must Match?


I was having a diag tool error and I got it fixed but I want to understand what is happening a bit more. I orginally posted it in the ITS forum ( Link: [Bothersome ITS error msg in Diag Tool;) but hindsight tells me this is probably the more proper forum.

So in my portal system landscape I have these 2 properties:

ITS Host Name ->

ITS Protocol -> https

(For the Internet transaction Server)

Web AS Host Name ->

Web AS Protocol -> http

(For BW Queries)

Here is my error;

Port '1443' of ITS Hostname ( is not identical with HTTP Port '1080' of WebAS ABAP system. HTTP Port of Message Server (profile parameter ms/http_port) is retrieved from ABAP system. Port '1443' is properly HTTP Port of Application Server.

The fix is to make the ITS Protocol http and specify 1080 as the port setting so it matches the Web AS.

What I'm not understanding is why can't ITS be https and my queries be http?

If they can be different, is there another change I need to make maybe in the Web AS?

Points awarded for providing understanding of the setting.