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Mar 21, 2008 at 01:31 PM

Newbie question - Is it worth getting into SAP ?


Seeing as this is still the only forum where a "Post New Thread" button is locatable, here's my opening question.

I understand it takes study, certification and some years of experience to become a sought-after commodity in SAP.

As an underpaid (never above $A40K) and under-employed IT worker over the past ten years, I've noticed that every time a SAP job is advertised, the salary is quite impressive. The most recent position, for a SAP Consultant, offered $A120K.

To those of you who have been SAPping for a few years :

  • Are you and your skills in demand in the job marketplace ?

  • Do you receive reasonable or high pay ?

  • What combination of study and experience (and connections ?) did it take to reach your current position ?

  • For someone with broad IT experience, do you consider SAP worth getting into and, if so, by what route do you recommend entry ?

That'll do for a start 😭