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Mar 21, 2008 at 01:12 PM

Web Dynpro for Java iView No Longer Using Portal Theme


Good Morning Forum Members,

We have run across a problem and hope that someone may be able to provide help in resolving it.

Description of the Problem:

Web Dynpro for Java iViews previously inherited the Portal theme correctly in our Dev, QA and Production portals. For some reason, themes no longer work in our Development system, although they still work in QA and Production. All other types of iViews are properly using the Portal theme. But all Web Dynpro content is using the standard SAP theme (resources/

Steps we have taken to remedy the problem:

- Using Visual Admin, checked Configuration Adapterservice (Runtime -> Display configurations tab -> webdynpro -> -> tcwddispwda -> Propertysheet default). Made sure the sap.useWebDynproStyleSheet property was set to 'false' so that the Portal theme would be used instead of the Web Dynpro theme.

- Ensured that the portal and the Web Dynpro Application run on systems that have the same releases (7.00 SP12)

- On the iView property screen, the Stylesheet property is set to 'ur' and the Supply Portal Stylesheet property is set to 'yes'. These values are inherited from the 'Web Dynpro Proxy iView' template. The Tray Type property is set to 'Plain', which displays the inner portion of the iView as white. But when it is set to 'Transparent', the inner portion turns to blue like the rest of the iView (but does not inherit the colors of our Portal theme).

- On the Web Dynpro Proxy Page template, the Stylesheet property is also set to 'ur' and the Supply Portal Stylesheet property is set to 'yes'.

- We have not set a default theme for Web Dynpro's in the Configuration Adapterservice (sap.theme.default) because none of our systems are set up this way, and we need to be consistent.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and points will be awarded for information that helps resolve this issue.

Thank you!