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Mar 21, 2008 at 11:12 AM

Problem with 640 kernel: SAP R3, Oracle9i, Sunsolaris


Dear Experts,

Am facing problem with kernel 640 version.

1. We have Production (620) and DR servers (620).

2. I upgraded kernel in production to 640, still pumping and applying redo logs in DR server which is 620 kernel.

3. I copied kernel 640 from production server to DR server.

4. When I open database in DR server (system started normally) it is showing kernel version 620 only, not 640.

5. Only diff is production server is upgraded from 4.0B to 4.7 and DR server recently we installed 4.7 directly.

After restoring backup in DR server again control file created and moved to DR server and applying redo logs normally.

Why kernel version showing only 620 in DR server???

Is control file plays any role in kernel upgrade. Should I open database and check again (with new control file and newly restored data). . . .

Any idea, , , ,

Adv thanks....