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Mar 21, 2008 at 07:32 AM

SAP IDES 4.7 installation on windows 2003 server.


Dear All,

I've installed SAP IDES 4.7 on windows 2003 server.When I click SAP logon icon from desktop,I get SAP log on window.From the SAP log on window,if I select the user name and click logon button,the system should ask me to enter client,user,password and language details.But, it is not asking so.Instead,after a long time I get 'Time Exceeded' information in status bar.

Please explain me how to override this problem.If there are some websites where I can have details to overcome the problem or step-by-step instructions to install SAP IDES 4.7 on windows 2003 server,I'll be grateful to you.Please help.