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NWDI Import DC from One Track to Another Track

Hi Experts,

As I am fairly new to the SAP world, I would like to know more about how to import a DC from one track to the other via NWDI and here is the story.

I have added some functionality to a piece of program which belongs to "Track A" and checked-in & released my work to NWDI(The file showed up under consolidation tab). After that, I would like to access the java program with the newly-added function from the program stored in "Track B". However, my program always pointed to the same class file that did not contain the code I checked in. I guess I would have to "swap" the DC (old one) in "Track B" with the newly checked-in DC which belongs to "Track A" and re-add the dependency to reference the java class file with added function.

As I did my search on the SAP forum, I found out that I would have to export SCA file from "Track A" and move the file to "Track B". After done so, I had problem finding a way to import the SCA file into "Track B" in CMS.

Could you give me some instructions on how I can check-in the SCA file to the target track (or replace the DC if possible)? The two tracks I mentioned are all under the same SLD. Your time and help will be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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    Dec 08, 2017 at 08:40 AM

    Hello Yu-Hsi Jen,


    One might use DCs from different tracks only if the SCAs where they belong are part of a same track. It does not matter whether you add SCA1 to track B or SCA2 to trackA. The important thing is to have the SCA in the same development configuration track.


    You have pointed out correctly. This is the most common way one might "transport SCA" from one track to another - e.g. export the SCA from Assembly (from track 1) and add it into another track2 . For this you need to add the SCA in the CMS - Landscape Configurator - Track Data

    Please go through the entire content of this document:

    Creating a Development Track (7.1+)

    Please pay close attention to point 3.

    For completeness, I would like to point you out the some other options for "transporting" an SCA from one track to another:


    Track Connections

    With this usually one creates a permanent connection between one track and another. It is useful when you do connect a development track (track dedicated for development) with a production track (track dedicated for deployment to many PROD R.T.S. in the same time) You might also use it for connecting the logistics between the different layers of the application. Please have a look on this figure for better explanation:


    In case you do not need to create a permanent connection between 2 tracks, but would like to do this "movement" once (make one SCA a part of another track so you might use/modify in the new track is one time operation), then you might simply forward the SCA from track1 to track2. Please refer to this document for more details...

    Forwarding Software Component Archives

    Before importing the forwarded SCA in the CMS -Transport Studio - tab Development (of the track2) you need to make certain

    * the SCA is in the track on the file system level. Transport Directory is defined in the Domain data.

    * the build time dependencies are defined in the CMS - Landscape Configurator - Track data. Usually this is done with Add SC but when adding SC actually one is adding the product definition configured in the SLD. In case of migration (f.e. to a higher release) you need to make certain you have "added" the correct version. The version of a product is defined in SLD by the NWDI.Administrator with the help of the Solution Architect. More information about this in these documents:

    Defining Products in a Single Development Configuration

    Working with Products and Software Components


    The last option is to just replicate the DTR workspace. This will copy only the sources from one DTR workspace to another. This option might be used only if the SCA does not have a complex structure. More details in:

    Replicating a Track into a Different DTR Repository



    If this question is answered from your perspective, then please click on the “Accept” link to complete this question. Otherwise please provide more details on the present impediment you do face.

    Thank you.

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    • Former Member

      Hi Milen,

      Thank you for the FAST reply, I did manage to solve the problem using the sources and information you provided. Thank you for your time and help!

      Kind regards,