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Can not create dn through VL10*

Dec 08, 2017 at 03:31 AM


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Dear Experts,

Recently we found occasionally we can not create dn through VL10* for some sales orders. But it worked through VL01N. Does anybody know the reason? Thanks.

Best regards,

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3 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
Dec 08, 2017 at 10:26 AM

What is the message you get when you execute VL10*?

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No message. We just got an empty due list.

Siva Prasad Vasireddy Dec 08, 2017 at 06:32 AM


it all depends on the User Role Assigned to the Transaction for VL10*

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No problem with that. It just arises occasionally for some sales order. For others, it works perfectly.

Veselina Peykova
Dec 29, 2017 at 11:44 AM

It is hard to tell without having access to the system (the explanation is not sufficient to form an opinion).

Some possible reasons could be delivery block (SPEVI = 'X'), or custom logic influencing delivery due index, or dates beyond the maximum selection interval for vl10*.

If you are a business user the best approach is to notify the local support team so that they can investigate, if you are a consultant - start by looking for things in common between the positive and negative cases.

Another thing worth checking is if there are any messages in the log when you create a delivery via VL01N. Foreground and background processing of delivery creation do not always work in the same way - normally VL01N allows you to do more than VL10* and it is intended for exceptional treatment by power users.

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Veselina, thanks to your reply. Delivery block or the dates could not be the cause because we check carefully for those. But custom logic influence could be a factor since we added a lot of enhancement in sales order. What is most difficult is that such case just arose occasionally and there's no obvious difference between the positive and negative cases, and it's impossible to reproduce it.


If I understood you correctly - if you have a negative case (order 123) and you create exactly the same document (order 124) in the same system on the same date, it is possible that 124 appears in vl10*, while 123 does not. Do you see any warning messages for 123 when you create the delivery via VL01N? If yes, maybe these can help you narrow down the places where you should check.

If there is indeed nothing in VL01N pointing to a specific issue and if everything for both orders on table level is identical, the next thing that I would try is debugging (you mentioned that you have a lot of enhancements and sometimes debug is faster compared to going through thousands of lines of code).


According to the cases arose most recently, there're no corresponding entries in the table VEPVG for those orders. After running RVV05IVB, it's resolved. But we still don't know the cause. We must find out the problem and fix it. Could you provide some suggestion? Thanks.


One likely reason can be custom code, if you ran previously the report and if you are on S/4 the same report caused problems in the past (2524847 - Entries get lost in SD document indices).

If the problem is related to custom code other than going through all your custom code there are probably no shortcuts. A suitable starting point is 356061 - Incorrect index compilation caused by own checks.