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Former Member
Mar 20, 2008 at 07:52 PM

Process Chain for Loading Cube


I am having a problem with the Process chain while loading a cube. I am copying data from one Cube to another. I created a info package by Generate Export data Source and If I run the Infopackage the new Cube loads ok. I then tried creating a process chain for loading the new cube. The steps I have in the process chain are as follows;

Start - Delete Data in Cube (new) - Delete Index - Load Data fo rthe new cube (Run Infopackage) - Create Index.

On running the process chain the process hangs up when it comes to creating the Index. The Load Data shows Yellow while the Create Index shows Gey for a long time and then the data does not load and both turn RED. Any ideas why this should happen? If I just run the Infopackage without going through the process chain the data loads absolutely fine and I am able to run query's on it too. Why is the data not loading whe I use the process chain??