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Extend SAP Fiori crud app with a button to get to a new view and load there data from OData

hi guys,

I´m pretty new in this SAP fiori world and now I´m trying to extend a SAP Fiori Crud Application. I´ll briefly explain what the app shoud do:

  • In the MasterView i get the name of all the workers (and this works good!);
  • When I click on one worker from the MasterView I get a list of all the projects available for this specifical worker in the DetailView (In other words: all the projects, where that worker works: and this works as well!);
  • When I click on the button "Projekt hinzufügen" (down, on the right, in the DetailView: in english it means "add a new Project"), a new view (the "addProject.view") should open (Till here it works, the addProjectView actually opens!).

From here on I need your help: In this new View I should have the possibility to load all the available project, in order to add one or more project for that worker which was originally selected in the MasterView.I tried to load some data in these new view, just to see if everything was loaded in the right way before starting with all the List/Checkboxes work. For example I loaded in this new view the WorkerSet (the same which appears in the Master View) and this works, but as soon as I try to load the ProjectSet (the same which is shown in the DetailView) no data are shown! I don´t know what I´m doing wrong!!

Here you find the last part of the manifest.json (I hope i set everything in the right way for "routes" and "targets")... PS: "Mitarbeiter" means "worker" ;-)

here is the Button in the Detail.view.xml:

here ist the Detail.controller.js for the on press event of the button:

In the addProject.controller.js i haven´t done anything: could it be the onInit function my solution? If yes, I still don´t understand why the WorkerSet is shown, while the ProjectSet isn´t....

Let me know if you need more information, thanks in advantage to help me the solution!!

Have a nice day!!!

manifest.png (30.5 kB)
detailview.png (59.1 kB)
mock.png (97.8 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Dec 07, 2017 at 01:41 PM

    Dear Tatiana,

    a very simple solution can be found in:

    where I've implemented a very similar requirement. Here the so-called Co-Organizer has to be added. I've created an input field on top of the table and enabled the Save button beside the field as soon as data is filled.

    Please check the controller code to see how the data is processed. I would suggest that you add a value help to the field based on

    Best regards

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  • Dec 07, 2017 at 01:57 PM


    Can you show your network call for ProjectSet in Detail view and AddNew view? And also show what are all the parameters you're passing to get the list.

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