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Mar 20, 2008 at 12:22 PM

Stock in warehouse report


Hi All

Im using a Stock in Warehouse report as my Loading List but I can't get a report to split the warehouses on each report.

I want the report to give a complete stock in warehouse report , the report must be in per warehouse .

I dont want to select the include warehouse A001 to A001

I want to select a range and then based on the range it reads and spilts the report by warehouse code select A001 to A080

And on the report I used some formulas to take out the currency code and to round it to 2 decimals , when i run the report with out the filter it gives me an error Printing error : The operation is not supported for this data type (RTP -6716) (Field : Field_070) Method: Amount Data Type variant

Here are my Fields

Committed Stock : Field_049

Formula Round(Field_049,0)

Field No 062

Price : Field_072

Formula Amount(Field_057)

Field No 070

Total Value : Field_060

Formula Amount((Field_057*Field_049))

Thanks in advance