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The MIRO generate FI document but without CO document.

Dec 07, 2017 at 08:56 AM


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Dear Gurus,

Our P system have MIRO problem with RMRP, when we add manually a cost element in the MIRO transaction with investment project WBS, after post, it only generate FI document without CO document. But with FB01, there is no problem.

In BSEG, it is perfect. But the system doesn't generate the CO document. So we have the problem with actual cost in WBS.

Originally we thought maybe caused by missing the relations for object number in CO for the type documents in the MIRO transactions, but after testing, it is not the reason for this problem. Hope SCN gurus could help us for this incident. thanks a lot.

No subsequent document found in Accounting

Message No. RW011


All documents generated in Financial Accounting for object type '',

reference document number '' and organizational unit '' should be displayed.

System Response

No accompanying documents were found in Financial Accounting.

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Can you add a screenshot with the settings of the costelemnt?


Hi Jansen,

Only for the transaction MIRO with RMRP, we have the problem, with FB01, no problem.

So maybe WBS doesn't have problem. Anyway, I attached the settings of the cost element used in the transaction MIRO.

Thank you and regards,

Annika Wang

message3.png (76.7 kB)

Hi Annika,

the WBS is the costobject accumulating the costs. However the costelement is CO equivalent of the GL account (in this case) 6311100001. If this does not exist (or wrong settings) no CO document is created. use KA01/02/03.


Hi Jansen,

In the GL account 6311100001, there is CO object available which is the real WBS.

message-5.png (102.2 kB)

the CO equivalent of the GL account is the cost element.If that is not present there cannot be a CO document, can you have a look at those settings KA03 ?


Sorry Jansen,

The cost element of 63111100001 is available. Lots of our project team consultants can not find the reason, can you please kindly help to check if there are some places we are wrong. thanks a lot.

message-7.png (97.0 kB)
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1 Answer

Gustavo Vazquez Dec 07, 2017 at 10:32 AM

Hi Shuang,

Could you check sap note 2009994 ?

Could yuou share the "PO Reference" tab ? I don't understand why you are using MIRO to enter a document with no reference to a PO ?

Kind Regards

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Hi Gustavo,

The screenshot is a test for that if manually adding a cost element in the MIRO transaction, whether the problem will occur. The problem we found in below scenario, hope this could explain clearly.

We have MIRO with Service PO with account assignment P, and then generated FICO document after we registering the service entry sheet by ML81N, during the invoice verification, if there has any difference,the difference will generate automatically in the original expense account. If the business was Operating expense(OPEX), we use cost center, no problem. But if we have Capital Expense (CAPEX), we register the expenses into investment project WBS. and the system doesn't generate CO document and the differences can not be registered into investment project WBS.

And the note 2009994 we checked before submit this scn question. All the items listed in the note are not fit for our problems.

Thanks and regards,

Annika Wang


If you post the document in MIRO without WBS assignment, does it give an error ?

In the FI document, the WBS element is Real ? Are there any other CO objects

It's weird being a P/L account it doesn't require a CO Object


Yes, Gustavo, there is no error if post the document in MIRO without WBS assignment.

and in the FI document, the WBS element is a real cost object. there is no other co objects.

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