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Advice on BPC 10.1 plan data retraction to ERP for allocations

Stuck on this scenario for our specific environment and getting mixed messages from different SAP sources and implementation partners.

I understand that generally this concept is possible via retraction BADI but we have a specific scenario which is causing the confusion.

1. We are on BPC 10.1 NW on HANA

2. We are on SAP Simple Finance, 1503 - with extended code block to add customer field "department" (this field is on ACDOCA and other FI/GL tables, FI allocations on actuals run with "department")

The business goal is to push plan data from BPC to ECC so that 1) both CO and FI allocations can be run against plan. These allocations are required to be the exact same that are run on actuals. This prevents dual maintenance, etc. And 2) so that plan data is available for reporting out of ECC (plan data without department is worthless to business)

The issue we have is that there doesn't appear to be a place where we can land the data from BPC into ECC with the "department" field so that we can run FI allocations. We've been told that FAGLFLEXP cannot be extended with customer fields.

Does anyone have this specific experience to say this would be possible? There is some talk that it might be with ACDOCP in future versions but this table isn't even available on 1503. We know we can push the plan data without "department" to the CO tables COSP and run CO allocations but unfortunately that only satisfies a small part of the requirement since 80% of actuals allocations are in FI.

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1 Answer

  • Dec 07, 2017 at 09:26 AM

    Bad news for you... the only "easy" retraction to ECC for allocations is for the CO-OM tables...Which usually doesn't satisfy most scenarios as, for example, most companies would like to perform CO-PA allocations down to customer/product etc.

    I've been using ACDOCP and I can tell you, there is absolutely nothing available for it in terms of allocations (or any other functionality for what matters) and different from what happens for actuals where CO-PA and FI allocations reads the data straight from ACDOCA, for plan nothing has been delivered yet and you'd need to build the integration with the "classic" CO tables.

    Last time I heard, allocations on ACDOCP only on 1809 version!



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    • You read right the first time, 18 something.

      I got feedback that from an OSS message I raised around CO-PA allocations.

      If you get anywhere around the FI tables retraction let me know.