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SAP DISCLOUSURE MANAGEMENT - Transport Word chapters Failed

Dec 06, 2017 at 06:37 PM


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I'm using the SAP DM transport tool to upgrade my PRD and QA environments. For reports and chapters EXPORT works without problems. The IMPORT process at the destination creates the reports, but the respective chapters are not created. Note: All the contents of these chapters are in word and excel.

Any idea ?

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2 Answers

Marc Kuipers
Dec 06, 2017 at 07:33 PM


How did you do the export/import

You should normally do

export "period settings"

import "period settings:

export "period contents"

import 'period contents"

Do you get any error message?

What SP level of DM do you use for this? Are source and target on same SP level?


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Hi Marc.

Dm Version 10.1 Build Both ( Prd and Qas )

Procedure as mentioned

Error message in import procedure: Report not exist.

I realize that he does not create the report and its respective chapters.

I'm creating them manually on the target and after importing the configuration and content.

Marc Kuipers
Dec 08, 2017 at 02:30 PM

Hello Lambert

I will show my steps in detail, as this should work OK. I did this test with SP10 and there may have been a bug in SP04, although I doubt it as this is basic functionality of DM transport

1. On my source system, I have a report with 2 chapter (word and excel). Both have contents

2. I perform 2 exports. The first export is 'period settings", the second is "period content"

3. You can check the zip files

The 'period settings' will simply have an XML with the period/report/chapter structure

The 'period contents' will have the same structure file, but also includes a folder called "content". This folder will contain the Word and Excel file (the actual chapter content)

4. On the target system, run the 'import' on the 'period settings" file

As you can see, it creates the period, report and 2 chapters

5. Verify that period/report/chapters exist

Note: the chapter will be 0 bytes as no content has been uploaded yet

6. Run the import again, this time select the zip file for 'period content'

You see that chapter content is uploaded

7. Verify chapterThe file size is >0 bytes, so the chapter is there. Also, the revision is set to 1 and the comment shows the import created this content

So, this is how it should work. Based on your error, I think what you do is you import the content before you have imported the settings.

I did test this, basically I skipped step 4 from above and went straight to step 6

This is what you get:

This seems to be the issue you have also. This is normal message, as you try to upload content (in my example Report2), but the report has not been created,

The system will not create the period/report/chapter structure with the 'period content' zip file. You always need to do this in 2 separate steps

I hope this helps you


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Funny. the zip files are the same as yours .. I will evaluate the possibility of updating the patch To match the environments, would this be the only option? could copy the databases perhaps?


Hi Lambert

Copying the DB will work, but perhaps you can email me the 2 zip files, perhaps I can check it on a server here

Mail direct mail:




Hi Lambert

Based on analysis of file, you face some old bugs

I recommend upgrading to DM 10.0 SP11, see: