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BC 6.0: Improper popup message/window behavior with SAP GUI connections


I've noticed strange popup windows behavior in Business client 6.0 PL8 with SAP GUI 7.40 PL10: they don't appear in inactive tab and block the tab content fully. How to reproduce:

1. On the Tab1 we run an ABAP report or transaction, at the end of its execution some popup window must be thrown;

2. During report execution on Tab1 we switch to Tab2 to do some useful work;

3. After some time we, being on Tab2, notice that report on Tab1 is finished and we switch back to Tab1;

4. We see that all fields and buttons on Tab1 are greyed out and there is no any popup window. The Tab1 is become totally inactive except of "Close (x)" button in the corner of tab. We press the "x" button and (Bingo!) there is our popup window appear.

I find this behavior annoying and non-transparent for the user.

I could be wrong, but earlier BC's patch levels (before PL7) did not have this behavior.

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2 Answers

  • Oct 20, 2016 at 11:06 AM

    Hello Andrey,

    Can you follow note and generate a support report?

    Attach the result to the reply.



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    • Hi, Jude!

      Thank you for participating!

      I can't attach full support report in ZIP, because ZIP attachments are prohibited in actual community platform. I attached nwbcexe-89401.txt as most informative part of support report. The test consisted of:

      1. In Tab1 I run the following ABAP program:

      REPORT z01_test.

      MESSAGE 'test' TYPE 'I'.
      WRITE 'ok'.

      2. After report launch, I switch to Tab2 and wait 5 seconds. After 5 seconds the Tab1 header becomes "DIT (1) 200 Информация" ("Information" in EN);

      3. I switch to Tab1, it contains an empty screen: no message, all buttons are inactive, no "ok" string in ABAP list. I click "x" button on the tab corner and it closes immediately without any message, only "ok" string of ABAP list flashes for a split second.

      nwbcexe-89401.txt (268.8 kB)
  • Dec 01, 2016 at 03:26 PM

    Hello Andrey,

    Sorry I could not see any errors in the traces, does the issue occur only with this transaction code?
    If no, is it machine dependent? eg: if another user logs onto this machine and vise-versa, does the issue still occur?



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