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Mar 20, 2008 at 04:33 AM

RBBP_NOTIFICATION_OFFAPP does not find any work items



We are implementing the Offline Approval functionality in SRM 5.0 Service Pack Level 10.

At this point, workflows are working correctly and objects such as shopping carts and purchase orders can be approved by logging in SRM and approving them in the "Approve" section.

We created some shopping carts and left them for approval, then executed program "RBBP_NOTIFICATION_OFFAPP". The report sends the following message:

"No work items found that require e-mail forwarding to approver"

This is incorrect since there are still shopping carts that we just created that have not been approved.

What might be the issue?

The parameters we are using in the report are the following:

Tasks = <blank>

BOR Object Type = <blank>

Creation date from work item = <blank>

Creation time from work item = <blank>

Users (Blank=>All) = <blank>

Collect work items = <unchecked>

HTML format = <checked>

With approval links = <checked>

Full text = <checked>

Attach print Vers. of Document = <checked>

Attach document attachments = <checked>

Language of recipient = <checked>

Log = <errors only>

Job Suffix = 2

I'll appreciate any comments in order to solve this.


Gilberto Gallardo