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Mar 19, 2008 at 06:47 PM

Error in SXI_CACHE and reading HTTP destination: INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI


I have been going over many posts etc trying to figure out why this quit working. Basically everything was working fine, and I did a Integration Process Scenario and uploaded that, once that was complete I started getting cache errors that where affecting everything else already configured in XI.

I have tested in SM59 INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI and when I put in path

/dir/hmi_cache_refresh_service/ext I get back a 200 response on connection test

and put in path /dir/cacheRefresh I get a 500 response which I assume both are fine,

I have also tested by the ping test in sicf using PIISUSER along with the url test of http://<host name>:<port>/dir/hmidiag/ext?method=info all was successful

So the error seems to come when I run sxi_cache

If I do a delta cache it comes up with the following error Prefix number: entry missing for system PIT client 300

If I do a full cache refresh it runs in the background (and while it runs all the other scenario's work) but after the full cache comes back it has Unable to refresh cache contents with the message of Error when reading HTTP destination: INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI.

Also once this error is checked all other scenerio's quite working again with the following message

XIServer:UPDATE:Error when reading HTTP destination: INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI

Does anyone have any ideas?

I def award points