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Mar 19, 2008 at 04:39 PM

"Dialog Boxes" Tutorial - Template Errors


Hello *

I'm currently working my way through some of the tutorials available in the WD-tutorial matrix.

I realized that all these tutorials are made for NWDS'04, so I'm aware that it's not guaranteed that all of them work in my NWDS-CE7.1SP3 environment.

Today I wanted to start the Dialog-Boxes-Tutorial where I have to import a initial project template which I downloaded from SAP-SDN. After import I get a lot of errors because obviously all the library paths have changed since then.

When I search for the missing file(s) they are found but in quite a different location than written int he .classpath file. Additionally the search finds more than one file with the exact name, but in another path.

Are there somewhere newer tutorial templates that work for my environment?

If not, can I repair the project automatically so that all paths are fixed automatically? Perhaps theres some kind of tool for the project-migration or sth. else?

If this doesn't work either, I suppose I have to change the paths manually, either in the .classpath file or under Properties->BuildPath->Libraries. Is that right? But how - in this case - can I determine which of the found libraries in the different folders is a good replacement for the missing one?