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Mar 19, 2008 at 01:09 PM

Problem With Returns Delivery & Invoice


Dear all,

I am facing a problem regarding returns process. I have created the return sales order with reference to the original invoice. I have saved the order.

1. When I try to create a delivery for that sales order the system gives an error that <b>“The sales order you want to deliver, sales order 0041000017 with order type ZRE, either contains no delivery-relevant items or its delivery-relevant items have already been delivered”.</b> Actually no delivery has been created yet for this return sales order.

When I checked in the sales order <b>(in the change mode)</b> in the header status screen the system displays the following:

<b>Overall Status</b> – being processed

<b>Rejection status</b> – everything rejected

<b>Delivery status</b> – not delivered

<b>Overall delivery status</b> – completed

<b>Credit status</b> – not performed

<b>Bill status order relevant</b> – not invoiced

<b>Overall blocked status</b> – not blocked

<b>System status</b> – REL

From where is this overall delivery status coming?

The document is complete in all respects as shown by the system when checked for the incompletion log.

In the customizing in VOV8 for the document type of return sales order <b>(ZRE)</b> there is a <b>“status profile”</b> attached. I checked the status profile. In that the individual status number is <b>“1”.</b> The short text is <b>“sales order”</b> & it has been marked as <b>“initial status”</b>.

When I double click on that status then the system shows me that for the transaction <b>“create delivery”</b> there is tick on <b>“Forbidd (Trans Prohibited)”</b>. The status has been assigned to object type <b>“Sales Order Header”</b>.

2. Also when I try to create a billing document for that sales order in <b>VF01</b> the system makes all the condition types as <b>inactive</b>. When double clicked on any condition type the system displays as follows:

<b>“inactive – W (The document item is statistical)</b> The pricing has been totally copied from the sales order then why is this error coming? Has it got any relation with the delivery not being created?

Please guide me on this as the year end is approaching & the necessary entries have to be passed on in SAP.

With best Regards,

Allabaqsh G. Patil