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Mar 19, 2008 at 12:53 PM



Unable to map multiple R/3 backend Vendor to one SRM System,Using the transaction BBP_UPDATE_MAPPING, Vendor Mapping .Created two different vednors with same duns number in 2 R/3 systems.Run the above transaction .

Unabel to see those vendors in SRM.

Can any one suggest more details to implement this business


Secanrio:You have 4 backend A, B, C and D and Vendor " Circuit City " has numbers as follows:

A- 100

B - 200

C - 300

D - 400

Now that you have already replicated circuit city from A (100) -> SRM, you don¢t want to overlap the same vendor with different vendor numbers. So, this transaction in the top area gives the ability to adjust the mapping of the local (SRM) vendor number to other vendor numbers in other backend. The input parameter on the top area will be the logical system of the corresponding backend system for which you wish to perform an adjustment.)