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Oct 20, 2016 at 06:54 AM

BC 6.0: SAP GUI screen inplace BC freezes sometimes



Another issue with BC 6.0 PL8 and SAP GUI 7.40 PL10.

SAP GUI screen within BC tab freezes sporadically. For example, I press Back button on some screen number 200 and instead of returning to previous screen 100, current screen 200 freezes on the tab. But not totally freeze. Only the picture of the screen is freezed. I can find edit fields of the screen 100 by mouse pointer (it changes from arrow to vertical cursor over these fields) when I move it accross freezed 200 screen picture. In order to unfreeze current screen I must switch to another tab of BC and return to my tab. After that I see the right screen 100.

This issue happens sometimes on our different PCs. Anyone faced the same?