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Mar 19, 2008 at 08:07 AM

Freely Programmed Search Help


Hi there,

I have a WebDynpro application with two fields. The first field has Dictionary search Help on it.

The second field has a Freely Programmed input help. The problem I am faced with is that the freely programmed search relies on the value of the first field to determine it's own values - i.e The first field is a contract, and the second field is an item on the contract. So if the contract changes, so should the list of items provided in the Help.

Now the way that this works is that the user selects a contract, then selects an item, then completes the fields in a PDF document.

They press the button Save and Clear which saves the data, clears all the fields, and is then ready for the next lot of data.

Although I can clear out all the fields, I don't know how to trigger the refresh of the Freely Programmed help. The first time it is used it gets the right data, and after that it always shows the same data, - I just don't know how to trigger a refresh. Basically I want it to refresh every time it is used!!

Many thanks