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Mar 18, 2008 at 11:51 PM

Re: Depth of Evaluation for Standard Evaluation Paths (Bottom Up Approach)


Hi All,

We are facing a unique issue when using OOSP and defining evaluation path. for e.g. we used the standard SBESX (Staff assignments along Organizational structure). We also defined the following fields to test the Org structure results for a user's structural authorization on what he/she can see (e.g. Org unit(O), Positions(S), Users(P))

1. Object Type = O

2. Evalutaion Path = SBESX

3. Status vector = 12345

4. Depth (D) = 5 (which defaults to 1 automatically if we set the sign field to -(negative) for Bottom-up approach (displaying org structure bottom to up)

5. Function Module = RH_GET_ORG_ASSIGNMENT

6. Key Date = D

The issue we have is for the above settings on OOSP Depth field defaults to 1 everytime we use the Bottom up approach (i.e setting the Sign field to - (negative)). Has anyone encountered the above problem with the depth field? Let us know if you had any fix or you had to escalate this to SAP?

Best regards,