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Mar 18, 2008 at 08:53 PM

Disabling "User Details window" when adding modifiedby to LAyout


I am very new to the KM layout tools, So I appreciate any basic information you can share.

I have copied the SimpleExplorer Layout set and I am in the process of Layout customization.

I want only the DocumentName, Modified Date and Modified By to appear. I have taken out most actions: settings, goto... etc.

I have been able to get this done,

The problem is:

When I include the "ModifiedBy" to the Displayed Properties of the Collection List Renderer Settings the ModifiedBy field appears but allows a user to Click on it,

when Clicked a new window opens with "Users Details".

The Users Details Window has the following options and we do not need/want this functionality.

Send E-mail... Create Appointment...

Show Availability Send Instant Message...

How do I include the ModifiedBy field for display and sorting but deactivate the Link to the new window "Users Details"

Thanks for any help,