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Mar 18, 2008 at 05:39 PM

Problems with Navigational Links


Hi All!

I have an Overview page which has 2 views (DetailsOV and DetailsEF). In DetailsOV I have an Edit button which navigates to view DetailsEF. Unfortunately, this is not working.

I'd like to know if I forgot to do something:

1) Create the OutoundPlug 'TODETAILDEF' in view DetailsOV.

2) Create the InboundPlug 'FROMDETAILSOV' in view DetailsEF.

3) Create the event EDIT in both views.

4) In EH_ONEDIT of the source view (DetailsOV) I'm calling to the OutboundPlug.

5) In the OutboundPlug I wrote down the following code:

view_manager->navigate( source_rep_view = rep_view

outbound_plug = 'ToDetailsEF' ).

I tried putting a breakpoint in the event EH_ONEDIT and it recognizes it.

I also tried to put a breakpoint inside the InboundPlug of the final view (DetailsEF) but it is not stopping there due to I'm receiving an exception.

Could somebody help me please?