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Mar 18, 2008 at 05:30 PM

Approval Query



I would love some help on adding a datasource to this approval query for GR PO documents. I am using an add-on for requisitions and then also to create the PO via the di api. If the source is the di api I would like the query to ignore this. We have created a purchase limit for certain user who are allowed to bypass the add-on approval process if they have a udf user limit setup in SAP and can then create a PO directly in the system according to their limit. We do however have cases where the users put in a lower amount than the actual for the PO and then GRV it against an amount higher than their user limit. We would like to stop this.

If the PO (base Document) was created via the DI API we would like the approval to ignore the purchase limit on th GR PO according to the datacource on the PO.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Here is the current approval.

select CASE WHEN $[$22.0.NUMBER] > OUSR.U_PurchaseLimit then 'True' else 'False' end as LimitChk from OUSR

Many thanks