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Mar 18, 2008 at 11:45 AM

Oracle upgrade from 32-bit Oracle 9i to 64-bit Oracle 10g (Windows 2003)


Hello Gurus,

I would like to upgrade to 64-bit Oracle 10G from 32-bit Oracle 9i. Oracle 9i runs on Windows 2003. Target DB is Oracle 10G on x64 Windows (EMT64 hardware).

On the SAP Guide "Upgrade to Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2): Windows", there's no specific step on how to upgrade directly from Oracle 9.2.06 to 64-bit Oracle 10g. However, it did give an Oracle site to locate the steps on Oracle 10g.

I did two methods on the upgrade. On the 1st method, I did install a 32-bit Oracle 10g with the Oracle 9i database. Then upgraded the DB via DBUA (DB Upgrade Assistant. After that I rebooted on a second disk partition containing the x64 Windows 2003 with 64-bit Oracle 10G and run utlirp.sql script.

The second method is that I booted directly on x64 Windows 2003 with the Oracle 9i datafiles. I did a manual upgrade by doing the following:

1. create Oracle SID via oradim (using Oracle 10g )

2. Startup upgrade

3. run catupgrd.sql script then utlrp.sql

I did not do the other steps on the Oracle guide as I am not familiar.

On both methods, I did not encounter any problems. The problem with the 1st method is that it is kind of time consuming whereas the 2nd method is quicker. On both methods, I'm not sure if the steps done is OK or not. Also, I would like to make sure that the approach taken for the upgrade is approved by SAP.

Please give me any advise which is the better way of upgrading Oracle 10g. Or better yet, please advise a safe way of upgrading to Oracle 10g from 9i

Thank you,