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Shortcut to a Webi report where the original report is in the invisible folder

We use shortcuts to give users access to run the reports that they do not have access to (more accurately they are invisible). For example: employee A from finance creates a budget report for 5 different departments - employee B from HR gets a shortcut to the report where he would only see subset of data (budget for HR) but not the whole report. Because we don't want to show all the data to employee B only the HR subset he can't see the report itself only the shortcut.
In order to "hide" the whole Finance folder where the report is we put that folder as a
second level on the root tree and give employee B access to the folder, but because he
has no access to the first level folders hence he can't see the folder at all just the
shortcut that is placed in his HR folder. The problem is this is not working on Fiorified Launchpad. Any ideas how we can accomplish this in some other way? We are on BO 4.2 sp4

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  • Hi Alex,

    I am having the same issue with SP04 patch 9. We use shortcuts and the icon opens in a new tab and is requesting login credentials. Were you able to figure out to get the Shortcut report icon open in the same Fiorified web screen?



  • Hi Davender,

    I have sp5 and now and it is fixed.

    It opens up in the new tab but it works fine.



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5 Answers

  • Jan 29, 2018 at 12:06 PM

    Issue fixed in 4.2 SP04 Patch 7 and SP05 Patch1....




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  • Dec 06, 2017 at 02:38 PM

    1. can you able to see Report Shortcut in Fiorified BI Launchpad ?

    2. BOE 4.2 SP04 - Opening the shortcut is not supported in Fiorified BI Launchpad.

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  • Dec 08, 2017 at 04:09 PM

    Not sure how feasible it would be for your scenario, but row-level security is likely the best solution. All your users can access the exact same report, and each user will see only the data that applies to them.

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  • Dec 06, 2017 at 05:53 PM

    1.I can see the shortcuts in Fiorified Launchpad but they do not work. When I run them I get the page not found message.

    2. I know it is not working I am the one who found that bug. I had a call with SAP reporting that shortcuts don't work in Fiorified Launchpad and after they researched and replicated the issue they created classified it as a bug basically. I am sure you can find that document on SAP website.

    My questions was/is there any other way to accomplish what I am doing now to allow my users to run the someone else's report without seeing the whole report (example I gave in my original question).

    I looked into publications but they would not do it since they are scheduled and my users want to run their reports on demand.

    This works fine in regular old BO Launchpad but SAP is pushing Fiorified one as the best thing (and it does look nice) but I need functionality. My users are already asking to take it down because it is not working. I know it is not that big of a deal but when it is a new thing and it does not work reputation/trust goes down the drain immediately and it is harder to get it back in the future.

    I also watched sp05 webinar yesterday but Gregory did not talk about shortcuts.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    thank you,


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  • Dec 08, 2017 at 04:02 PM


    Is that a single report with row level restriction enforced or 5 individual reports for each department? What is the data source for your report? Since it is a bug we may need to go for a work around by by doing something in the way it is already implemented.



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    • It is actually one report that has 5shortcuts pointing to it.

      The problem is I have a group called HR_Read_only that has HR director and a clerk who creates positions and enters new employees. However HR director has access top all gl accounts and project attached to those gl accounts while HR clerk can only see a subset of accounts and subset of projects. Also there is a start and end date for that security (all together about 8 different security tables that drive this). Now when finance creates a report I use combo of Universe access (group security) and 'current user' function to figure out who is logged in and then use those 8 tables (all joined to each other in Universe and finally joined to gl table to filter it) to figure out the subset of data that user can see.

      To add to that pain people like to share their reports without worry of original being modified. Say someone from Finance needs employees who receive specific benefit there is a good possibility someone in HR already created that report - now this person in HR says "here run my report" they call me and I just create a shortcut in finance folder and give finance access to the HR folder where the original report is. The whole process takes 30min. With the row level security it would take much longer to figure our security for something like that.

      Sounds like row level security is possible to do but it will be pretty complicated. I got a lot of those shortcuts..

      I was hoping for a little bit simpler solution but thanks.