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Reverse Transport from production to Development system

Dec 06, 2017 at 01:36 PM


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Hello Experts,

There was a flow exists in the production which loads to data source->DSO->Cube.

But the whole flow is not present in development system. DSO and cube exists but Data source ,transfer rule,transfer structure,Info-source ,update rule are not present.

So for sync we need to reverse transport Data source ,transfer rule,transfer structure,Info-source ,update rule from prod to Dev.

But when I am trying to reverse transport it is failing giving the error msg attached in the screenshot-capture.png

*Note:The data source is not in activate state(Modified state) and it is a export data source in production but the flow runs everyday successfully through a process chain.

Do anyone have any idea why my reverse transport is failing??



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1 Answer

Frédéric Cincet Dec 06, 2017 at 04:15 PM

Hi Ipsita,

Is the source system displayed in the error message the right system (the one that should be used on the DEV) ? or the original one (the one used on the PRD) ?

In the last case, did you configure the conversion of the source systems (RSA1 / CTRL F12) ? As your source system is not the same on your prod and on your dev, you have to indicate the conversion in the import system (DEV).



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Hello Frederic,

The correct source system name is showing in the error message.

There can be any other reason for this failure??




Hi Ipsita

Just to confirm, to what source system is the Datasource bound, I mean is it a datamart of BW production system or any other system ?




Hello Ashish,

The Data source is taking data from BW system itself not from R3.

And One more thing the Technical name of the data source is changing with respect to system , like in prod tech name is xxx_PA, in Dev system xxx_DA and in Quality system xxx_QA.

I think for this reason I am getting this error in reverse transport.

Do you have any other idea??