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Possibility for a Customer to Request Monthly Backups from SAP while using SAP Business ByDesign?

Dec 06, 2017 at 10:33 AM


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Greetings! Hope all is well. I have a quick question regarding a request I received, and I was curious if it was applicable. Is it possible for a Customer using SAP Business ByDesign request monthly backups from SAP and store said backup on premise? I fully understand that this defeats the purpose of using Cloud Storage, but the customer is adamant on the issue. If it's possible please let me know, and if it is, I would appreciate contact information or a link for the relevant page. Thanks in advance.

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Eda Yang
Dec 07, 2017 at 05:39 AM

Dear Omar,

Actually, you can request a restore point for such requirement, maybe monthly.

You may provide the information below

- - Customer name : - Source tenant ID : - Source tenant URL : - Requested downtime of source tenant :

Downtime will be 4 hours.

At the downtime, we will have a mirror of all the data and keep for two weeks (maybe).

You can roll back to the restore point in case anything is broken.



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Dear Eda Yang,

Thanks a bunch for your reply! I appreciate it. I just have a few questions that I hope you can clear up.

1) Lets say that the customer in question requests the restore points on a monthly basis, does that mean each month the customer should expect a downtime of 4 hours?

2) Can restore points be on a weekly basis as well?

3) Whom am I to contact to set up such a requirement? Can you give me the contact information of the relevant party?

4) Is there a PDF document, or article further detailing the backup/restore point scenarios for SAP Business ByDesign?

Thanks again for your time and patience, and I'm patiently awaiting your reply.



Dear Omar,

To your questions:

1. Yes, 4 hour downtime for each request of restore point. If it is requested on monthly basis, downtime is on monthly basis. You can have the downtime outside of your working time. Please note that down time should be avoided the standard maintenance window. We have standard maintenance window around 4 am each Saturday or Sunday.

2. Yes, you can make it on weekly basis.

3. Please submit an incident to such request.

4. You can search with "restore point" in the help center. There is a lot of published documents.

Such as Knowledge Base Article.



You want to request for a restore point.


To request a restore point, please create an incident out of your SAP Business ByDesign/Hybris Cloud for Customer/Cloud for Travel and Expence system.
You will find further information in the Business Center via URL

Provide the following information:

  • Request restore point
  • Customer name
  • Customer number (Business Partner Number, CRM)
  • Source tenant ID or URL
  • Requested downtime of source tenant: Start time (only in UTC or CET), start date
    During the restore point creation, the source tenant needs to be stopped for 4 hours.
    Action can only be performed outside of the contractual maintenance window.
  • Confirmation to delete already existing restore point(s) if any

Only one restore point per tenant can be active at a time, if a second restore point is needed the existing restore point must be deleted first

Requestor Contact Person
It is important that you provide us with the name and e-mail address of the person who should receive the notification about restore point creation.

The restore point is provided within 24 hours after start of downtime window.


  • A restore point is available in the system for a period of 14 days only.
  • The restore point is deleted after the retention period is expired.
  • The restore point is rendered obsolete after a release upgrade, even if it has been created within the 14 day period described above.
  • Once a restore point is taken, SAP Cloud Applications Studio activities are restricted, please avoid deploying new patches as a consistent restore cannot be assured. This restriction is removed in following cases (1) the restore point expires after 14 days, (2) the restore point is deleted before the expiration date or (3) a rollback to the restore point is applied.
  • Any critical activity in the source system must be avoided while the restore point creation is in progress. This is required to provide a consistent recovery. The customer must confirm that restore point provisioning is complete in all respects before undertaking such an activity. In case the restore point is not provisioned for any reason (technical or otherwise), there is a huge risk for the customer.
  • Provisioning can be taken as complete as soon as there is a confirmation mail from SAP.
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Eda Yang

Dear Eda Yang,

Thank you so much, this information is perfect! I appreciate your quick feedback, and healthy response.

You've covered all my concerns and requests, and for that I thank you again.

Best Regards,

Omar Fayez.