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Mar 17, 2008 at 09:10 PM

Changing short text of a Product and Location Charac in DP


In DP we typically assign a location char and product char in POS, to make sure DP understands what the product and the location are. WE need to change the short text of Product Char and make it look different from the long text in the DP planning book selection hitlist. We found that unlike other characteristics(which are not assigned as location or product in POS), the product and location char descriptions are picked up from APO master data tables (instead of BW tables where you can set up different short and long texts). Since APO master data tables (/sapapo/matkey or /sapapo/loc) carry only one kind of description, all the different description related fields in hitlist(namely short, medium and long descriptions) in DP appear the same way. How is it possible to create different texts for short and long descriptions for DP product or location characteristic ?