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SimpleForm in XML with OData

Hey there,

I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I have a simpleform and try ti bind it to a oData service.

<core:View xmlns:core="sap.ui.core" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" xmlns="sap.m" xmlns:form="sap.ui.layout.form"
		controllerName="wm_mde.WE_ERFASSEN" xmlns:html="">
	<Page title="Wareneingang erfassen">
			id="bestForm" >
			<Label displayOnly="true" wrapping="true" text="Bestellung" for="edtEBELN" required="true"/>
			<Input id="edtEBELN" change="onEbelnChange" valueLiveUpdate="true"></Input>
			<Label displayOnly="true" wrapping="true" text="Lieferschein" for="edtLIEFS" required="true"/>
			<Input id="edtLIEFS" change="onLiefsChange" value="{bestellung>Bktxt}" valueLiveUpdate="true"></Input>
			<Label displayOnly="true" wrapping="true" text="Belegdatum" for="edtBELDAT" required="true"/>
			<Input id="edtBELDAT" change="onBeldatChange" value="{Lfdat}" valueLiveUpdate="true"></Input>
			<Label displayOnly="true" wrapping="true" text="Lagerort" for="edtLGORT"/>
				valueLiveUpdate="true" />
			<Label displayOnly="true" wrapping="true" text="Bestelldatum" for="edtBESTDAT"/>
			<Input id="edtBESTDAT" 
				<Label displayOnly="true" wrapping="true" text="Text" for="txt"/>
				<!--<Text id="txt" text="{
  path: '/d/Bestdat',
  type: 'sap.ui.model.type.Date',
  formatOptions: {
  	style: 'long',
  	pattern: 'yyyy/MM/dd'
  }" valueLiveUpdate="true"/>-->
				<Text text="{ 
				path: '/d/Bestdat',
				type: 'sap.ui.model.type.Date',
				formatOptions: { pattern: 'yyyy/MM/dd'} }" />
			<Label displayOnly="true" wrapping="true" text="Anforderer" for="edtANFORD"/>
			<Input id="edtANFORD" editable="false" value="{Lgnum}" valueLiveUpdate="true"></Input>
				<Button text="Abbruch" type="Reject" press="onCancel"/>
				<Button text="Weiter" type="Accept" id="btnOK" press="onOk"/>				

And this is my controller

sap.ui.controller("wm_mde.WE_ERFASSEN", {

* Called when a controller is instantiated and its View controls (if available) are already created.
* Can be used to modify the View before it is displayed, to bind event handlers and do other one-time initialization.
* @memberOf wm_mde.WE_ERFASSEN
	onInit: function() {
		var oModel = new sap.ui.model.odata.v4.ODataModel({
	    	serviceUrl: "http://obelix3.1net.dom:8002/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZWM_MDE_SRV_03/",
	    	synchronizationMode : "None"

* Similar to onAfterRendering, but this hook is invoked before the controller's View is re-rendered
* (NOT before the first rendering! onInit() is used for that one!).
* @memberOf wm_mde.WE_ERFASSEN
//	onBeforeRendering: function() {
//	},

* Called when the View has been rendered (so its HTML is part of the document). Post-rendering manipulations of the HTML could be done here.
* This hook is the same one that SAPUI5 controls get after being rendered.
* @memberOf wm_mde.WE_ERFASSEN
//	onAfterRendering: function() {
//	},

* Called when the Controller is destroyed. Use this one to free resources and finalize activities.
* @memberOf wm_mde.WE_ERFASSEN
//	onExit: function() {
//	}

	onEbelnChange: function(oEvent){
				path: "/BESTSet(Ebeln='"+ebeln+"',Lgnum='110')",
	onLiefsChange: function(oEvent){
	onBeldatChange: function(oEvent){
	onCancel: function(){
	onOk: function(evt){

I always get these two errors!

unbenannt.png (24.6 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Best Answer
    Dec 06, 2017 at 11:52 AM

    Seems to be an error in v4.ODataModel!

    If I use sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel instead of v4, everything is fine!

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  • Dec 06, 2017 at 02:53 AM

    Hi Sven Schuberth,

    It seems you are using the $batch URI which I think is not required for your simple form. Also, for your path, just try to execute the same URL in your netweaver gateway and check if you get a response.


    Arjun Biswas

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