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DELINS schedule lines grouped

Dec 05, 2017 at 03:41 PM


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I am generating schedule lines via DELINS Idoc. I have seen that in one particular case if I have more than one schedule lines for a concrete week it's only generating one E1EDP16 segment with the summarized info. Could anyone tell me if this particular baheviour is related to the Schedule Agreement characteristics?

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Dec 05, 2017 at 04:27 PM

I am a bit confused, are you creating schedule lines and send them with DELINS Idoc to your vendor

or do you create a DELINS Idoc to create schedule lines for your schedule agreement.

If the latter then how do you create this Idoc?

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I create a DELINS to send schedule lines of my schedule agreement to my vendor. The question is that in some Schedule agreements when the idoc is generated if there are 2 schedule lines for a week it just creates one e1edp16 segment and not two.

I create this IDOC with t code ME84.


What is your delivery date? is this expressed in a week like "week 53 , 2017" or with a real date?


Hi, my delivery date is expressed with a real date it looks this way in E1EDP16 ( Screenshot ) captura.png

I have other schedule agreements on which it does not behave the same way and there are no differences between them.

captura.png (1.7 kB)

the first line in your screenshot shows the identifier is W, which means week, and this also explains that you have a from- and to-date


Yes it is, I have seen that in the segments on which I do not have it behaves the other way. Do you know where is this behaviour defined?


I can just guess as, last time I used schedule agreements was in 1997.

I would assume it is based on the release creation profile


all of the Schedule agreements have the same release creation profile. I have seen that in a few of them the identifier is W and not T. I think it has to do with a parameter in the schedule agreement.


HI Jurgen,

You were right, I checked that in some cases the release creation profile was not working properly, that's why we had this issue.

We have checked the Fixed Schedule Lines Will Not Be Aggregated in general options tab and now it works fine.

Thank you very much