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Some of the Questions asked on New SCN are not visible

Oct 20, 2016 at 04:14 AM


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Hello Experts,

It looks like I can not see some of my recent questions which was under moderation.

A question I asked recently ( 2 days ago) on New SCN was tagged primarily to SAP HANA smart data streaming. I checked it was not released yet in community and I have not even received any notification that it was rejected.

Today I posted a new question for the same topic and it is visible immediately without going to moderator.

Also, there should be a way to track whether questions/ blogs are being accepted or declined by moderator to know the status. May be some sort of notification messages like we had in old SCN.



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Caroleigh Deneen
Oct 24, 2016 at 07:36 PM

Hi Megha, I checked the moderation queue back through October 14 and couldn't find any additional posts made by you waiting. Can you send me a link of a post that you are still waiting for and I can investigate further. Your permissions changed between the posts, which is why your newer post was published without moderation. Thank you!

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Former Member

You both are right! It is certain now that my permissions have got changed between the posts. Thank you very much for looking into this.

Kaushik Debnath Oct 20, 2016 at 04:59 AM

The matter is that when a content has passed through a Moderator whether approved or rejected, then only you will receive notification for that. You are saying that the next question is visible. For that, the Content Level Authority might have been increased. Please check

So, its possible that you became on the Contributor Level & that why your content now is immediately visible directly. Do you have the link to what you have posted earlier?? Because I can already see, as per your above post, that your HANA SDS System post is already available & also this question is available. Please note that the moderators are doing the moderation job in their free time without any pay. So, please be patient while it passes through the moderation. Sometimes it might take a while for some persons, can also take 3-4 days.



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Faisal Khan Mar 01, 2017 at 10:30 AM


Sorry for replying to an old thread but my issue may be answered soon through this.

Since moving onto the new SCN, my queries (in EAM/PLANT MAINT,) are replied too very late or recently 02 of my queries with many views without a reply. Not that my questions are irrelevant but the responses i was getting on my queries in old SCN were within a day. I will appreciate if this issue could be looked as to whether I am not putting the right tags on my queries. I was frequently putting queries in EAM in older SCN version with huge replies but now put very few because of very slow response rate in this new version.



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This question is old and answered and clearly marked with best answer.

Your question is not even related to the original question because there is a big difference between invisible questions due to pre-moderation and question that just do not get replies.

The forum rules are also clear with points 13 and 14.

The community is not an official SAP Support site, here people answer voluntarily in their spare time if they know an answer. Some contributors were lost in transition.

But if you post less questions now because you have to wait longer than in the past, what does that actually mean? It sounds like you are able to solve those questions yourself, isn't it? Did you then find the answers after putting more effort into a search, or did you do a more diligent analysis and test?