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UI rules possible in the service ticket items (c4c)

Dec 04, 2017 at 06:25 PM


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Hi experts,

I tried to create UI rules (visible / read-only) or validation rules for fields in the context of service ticket items. But it doesn't work... I created earlier some UI rules for a field with general context in the service ticket and there it worked fine. I don't know what I'm doing wrong..

Specific scenario:

I want to make the custom field 1 read-only, if the product is not "10000023". The following rule is created in the editor for the custom field 1 (in the general data tab - see screenshot below).

Rule for read-only of custom field 1:

IF( Root.ItemModificationStructure.ProductID == 10000023, false, true)

So in position 70 or 80 (marked) the product is 10000023, therefore I would expect that the custom field 1 is not ready-only (editable). But it is all the time read-only... This behaviour I see also with two other custom fields...

What am I doing wrong? Is it generally possible to create UI rules and validation rule in context of the service ticket items or are there some restrictions? ( I got also some issues with a validation rule I create in this item context)

Thanks for help in advance!

Best regards,


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I also tried with this rule:

IF( Root.ItemModificationStructure.ProductID!=10000023, true, false)

But unfortunately without success...

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Andreea Patru Dec 05, 2017 at 09:30 AM

Hi Deborah,

To my knowledge, these rules work only at header level, not on item level. The ProductID you can see there is actually the one that can be found at header level, on the Overview tab.

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Hi Andreea, thank you very much for the quick response! :) I suspected that, too...

Do you know if this information is somewhere documented or confirmed by SAP?



I received an oral confirmation from someone at SAP during a conference. You can also see it here:



I voted for the corresponding idea in customer influence: validation rule) and created a new idea for the UI rules (visible/read-only)

Please vote also if you need/want this requirement!



Another idea to vote on customer influence: for the translation function of messages in the validation rule editor


Hi Andreea,
You are right, these rules work only at header level, not on item level (columns, buttons, etc...). Thanks for collaborating with us.