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Uploading Data

Hello everybody,

Please solve the following questions:-

Q. The most common problem during the Data Upload is the insufficient Table Space?

How do u solve the above problem?

Q. What is the importance of (9AVERSION) ?

Q. Generally ( i.e in Real time) what is the amount of period considered in a Time Bucket profile for future and History?

Q.You need to create a forecast profile to prevent your forecast data from being overwritten. What exactly do we mean by this?

Q. What is a Forecast Strategy. List different types of Strategies and their significance.

Q. The four types of Macros described in the Building blocks of DP- Are they the standard ones or just an example?

Q. What are the different methods by which one can upload the Sales order into the APO system?

Q.During the creation of the CVC's what is the significance of the (from) date and (to) date. In the real time what are real time values we assign for these dates and on what does this depend up on?

Q.What is a time series object?

Q. 5.4 Initializing the Planning Area


The purpose of this activity is to initialize the planning area and to create time series objects?


1. Access the activity using the following navigation options:

SAP SCM menu Advanced Planning and Optimization  Demand Planning  Environment  Administration of Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning

Transaction code /SAPAPO/MSDP_ADMIN

2. Right-click the planning area you created (e.g. DP_001).

3. Choose Create time series objects.

4. Make the following entries :

Field name Description User action and values Notes

Plng Version 000

Start Date e.g. current date – one year (What is this start date)?

End Date e.g. current date + two years (What is this end date)?

5. Choose Execute.

6. Go back.

Q. Do we Release the DP to both R/3 & SNP or any one of these and what triggers this action?

Q. From a technical point of view, you copy the data from the liveCache time series objects into a forecast category of the liveCache orders. What is a Live Cache time series and a Live cache order?

Q. What is the significance of APODPDANT key figure ?

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    Mar 16, 2008 at 01:23 PM

    Mukta, all the questions look to be basic level questions in DP. They can be easily addressed in a training session, and, and also the wiki page in the forum on the top of this page. I am sure answering all the questions below, will lead you to further questions and I dont think training questions are addressed to your satisfaction in this forum. If you can ask your organization to have a short DP (2 day) training session from SAP endorsed training vendors, it will do a world of good to your DP team. The moderator of this forum can correct me if this is wrong.

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    • Former Member Somnath Manna


      We do respect your feelings and that was the reason why we mentioned " No Hard feelings Buddy". This is because Mukta is a very good friend of mine and she is struggling hard and i am a beginner too. We do have the book which you have prescribed and also we did go through the Building Block for DP. It is only after that she came across all these doubts. She was just asking for some help from Guru's like you. Thats fine if you guys don't want to answer directly. I knew this would happen because of the long list of questions in one single post. That is the reason why i did post the same questions in bits. Sorry buddy even i couldn't stop myself from replying. I still stick to the statement, "No Hard Feelings Buddy".