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Recommended upgrade method from ASE 15.0 to 15.7 on Linux RHEL7

As a proof of concept I installed 15.7 (SP137) onto our Dev system using the binary overlay method (./setup), but it didn't quite install as expected, using the updatease method, so to be safe I ran the install scripts as per the manual (SP100), post upgrade tasks. This method was used, as due to history, we have no real idea of what may have been modified, nor what settings were applied by the many before us.

However, in the next phase, a new virtual RHEL7 server will be used so we have to start from scratch. Of the multiple methods what is the best one to use to ensure all the necessary items are restored, especially users/passwords, etc which would be in the old master and system db's. The manual's can be quite confusing and contradictory so I have also referred to a few geek sites/blog's to see what the normal installs look like.

I would ideally like to restore the 15.0.2 system onto that server, so it would find everything as before, but this is not ideal, as we should reorganise devices/LUN's (and possibly migrate from the 2K default, from the original 12.5 db).

So is there a good reference website(blog) which lays out common upgrade options like this, and recommendations for dba's new to Sybase, and the common pitfalls beginners make.

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1 Answer

  • Oct 20, 2016 at 04:27 PM

    There are a handful of ways to upgrade a ASE dataserver depending on various scenarios, eg:

    - upgrading in place (see the thread - upgrade 15.0.3 to 15.7 - for some comments on this scenario)

    - migrating to a new host; could 'copy' to the same ASE version on the new host, then upgrade the ASE version on the new host (more steps but less complicated); alternatively could copy/upgrade at the same time (fewer steps but more complicated, especially if issues arise)

    - when you start talking about changing page size (or charset, or sort order) you start adding even more complexity (eg, you cannot dump and load between dataservers with different pagesizes => you basically have to reverse engineer the DDL and then bulk copy the data, followed by creating indexes and updating stats)

    - if you plan on moving between hosts with different endianess (eg, Solaris/SPARC => linux/intel) then there are some additional steps required when doing a dump and load

    - while upgrading within a given release family is relatively easy (eg, 15.x to 15.y), upgrading between major releases (eg, 12.x to 15.x) typically requires more steps

    - if you happen to be using SAP/Sybase Repserver (SRS) then there are a few additional steps to throw into the mix

    The above are just high-level views (ie, there's a good bit of detail within each scenario that needs to be addressed).


    Short of reading the manuals, re-reading the manuals again, taking some aspirin and re-reading the manuals yet again you're left with a) trial and error, b) (quite possibly) rather extensive back-n-forth sessions in forums (if you can find someone willing to put in the effort), or c) bringing in someone (SAP prof svcs, independent consultant) to help with the upgrade.

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