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Filter dimension on filter panel does not remain as selected

Dear all.

I do have a problem with filtering a dimension within a filterpanel.

My case:
I have a design studio report for cost center elements.
The variable for cost center is authorization relevant.

At the time the report is executed everything works fine.
The user can review the cost centers he is allowed to.

One step ahead the user filters on the dimension cost center within the filterpanel.
Everything works fine either.

But if the user chooses another period and execute the filter on cost center is cleared.
The period (from, till, year) can be set by drop down menus and acknowledged by an extra icon.
All other dimensions remain as selected.

What can I do that the filter remains as selected by the user?

Best regards

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  • Hello Tammy,

    we are using BO 4.1 Release 6 and Design Studio 1.6 Release 3.

    Here is a short view of the Report: view-problem.jpg

    At the time of executing the period change a script will set the defined values.

    Best regards


    view-problem.jpg (67.9 kB)
  • Here is the code:

    var helper_month = DD_MONTH_FROM.getSelectedValue();
    var helper_month_TO = DD_MONTH_TO.getSelectedValue();
    var helper_year = DD_YEAR.getSelectedText();
    helper_year = helper_year.substring(3);

    if ((Convert.stringToInt(helper_month) > Convert.stringToInt(helper_month_from)) || Convert.stringToInt(helper_month) < 1 || Convert.stringToInt(helper_month_from) < 1 ) {
    APPLICATION.alert("Choose correct values, please.");


    var month_to = DD_MONTH_TO.getSelectedValue();
    if (month_to.length == 1)
    {month_to = "00" + month_to;}
    else if (month_to.length == 2){
    month_to = "0" + month_to;}

    var month_from = DD_MONTH_FROM.getSelectedValue();
    if (month_from.length == 1)
    {monat_von = "00" + month_from;}
    else if (month_from.length == 2){
    month_from = "0" + month_from;}

    DS_1.setVariableValueExt("ZCXS_XX_0FISCYEAR_01", helper_year);
    DS_1.setVariableValueExt("ZCXS_CO_0FISCPER3_01", month_to);
    DS_1.setVariableValueExt("ZCDS_0FISCPER3_02", month_from);

  • What is the code/binding behind the checkbox (the extra period)?

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