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Do you know the root cause for eRROR 207 (BL): Log not found (in main memory) in FM BAL_DB_LOAD?

On the system I work there is a job that executes an HR report (PNP LDB) which processes all employees for a country, a big number. But only creates users when appropriate, utilizing FM HR_PERNR_USER_CREATE.

This job is failing every weekend (in spite it works fine rest of days) and there is a specific range of pernrs (less than 3500 of them in total) where the job is launching the error 207 (BL): Log not found (in main memory) in FM BAL_DB_LOAD, called by BAL_DB_RELOAD, called by UPDATE_LOG, called by HR_PERNR_USER_CREATE in my report. Since they are standard ones, I reviewed OSS notes but 1955956, 1569267, 2094089 are already applied. And in the SAP forums (here) I did not find anything useful for my issue. Someone have already found a root cause about this error? Extra hint is that my job is launched not by SAP itself but by ARMT (Automic or UC4, an external automation software). But even when I execute the failed jobs with my SAP account they fail. And sometimes finally work, kind of random.

When reducing so much the pernrs, there is a range of 3500 people where the error occurs, but not always with the same pernr even with consecutive runs. I dont request from you a solution, but ideas that could help, for example I think to catch if possible all the pernrs that failed, list them and re-execute the report only with the list of failed personnel numbers. Any other ideas or clues will be appreciated. Thanks

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1 Answer

  • Dec 06, 2017 at 08:42 AM

    can you reproduce the error running the job online?

    put a break point after 'BAPI_USER_CREATE' and see what error occured.

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