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Lumira Designer - Add Custom Measure / Calculation

Dec 04, 2017 at 05:05 PM


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Is there a way to add a custom measure on Lumira Designer, like Lumira Discovery ?

The only thing I could achieved was to create a chart with a calculation in Lumira Discovery and export it to Designer.

This way has limitations because a designer document can't be edited in Discovery.

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If your requirement is to create a Designer application and you have used the interoperability feature to create the custom measure in Discovery first, then why do you need to edit the Designer document in Discovery again?




If i need to create additional calculation for example, which was not expected at the beginning.


Hi Thierry,

Although you cannot edit the components in a Designer document when you open it in Discovery, I think you should still be able to perform modifications to the data set such as creating additional calculations and then saving the Lumira document to capture the changes. When you re-open the document in Designer the data set changes should be reflected in the corresponding Designer data sources. Have you tried this?

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1 Answer

Poovarasan Boopalan Dec 05, 2017 at 05:57 AM

Hi Thierry FASOLIN,

In Lumira designer, you can use a set of predefined calculation for the measure and create a custom measure.

You can find the options in the "Edit initial view" of datasource, when you right click on the measure.

The list of options may vary based on number of measures selected for the calculation

But it is only supported for the SAP BW datasources.



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Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately we are using SQL Query.

It seems a bit strange to not be able to create a custom calculation for an DashBoard Application, but maybe Lumira is meant to be use with SAP Database.