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Filter GeoMap on dimension A based on Crosstab Selection Dimension B

Dec 04, 2017 at 01:44 PM


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I have a dashboard with three components, three data sources and one BEx Query.

The BEx Query is the basis of all three data sources, which have been modified via Edit Initial View.

The three components are:

Component; Data Source: Dimensions - Measures

Crosstab1; DS1: Employee - Receipt Amount (Multiple Selection is Enabled)

Crosstab2; DS2: Employee, Country - Receipt Amount

GeoMap1; DS3: Country - Receipt Amount (Layer)

Now, what I would like to accomplish is this:

1. The user selects one or more Employees in Crosstab1

2. Crosstab2 is filtered on Employee based on the selection made in Crosstab1

3. The GeoMap layer in GeoMap1 is filtered on Country based on the subset of countries visible in the data in Crosstab 2 which is filtered on Employee in step 2

The first two steps are relatively straightforward, and they are working for me.
But I have tried lots of different approaches to the last step, but I haven't been able to succesfully filter the GeoMap-layer accordingly.

Any suggestions would be very welcome (including: "This cannot be done").


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Hi Denis
Thanks. I must admit, I am not that much into the SAP naming conventions and products.
I thought Design Studio would have its own product category tag still even though it is continued in SAP Lumira going forward.



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Mustafa Bensan Dec 05, 2017 at 09:46 AM

Hi Anders,

You should apply the following code in the “On Result Set Changed” event of DS2:

DS3.setFilter(“Country”, DS2.getMembers(“Country”,100));

Also, in the Initial View Editor of DS2, make sure the Members for Filtering setting for dimensions “Employee” and “Country” are set to “Only Values with Posted Data”.



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Hi Mustafa

Fantastic. It is working like a charm.

Thanks for your help, and have a nice day.