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Create and Fill a Powerpoint out of a Web Dynpro

Dec 06, 2017 at 01:33 PM


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Hi Experts,

I have a Web Dynpro View with various content (Textfields, Tables, Interactive Forms) and the requirement to export the whole content from that View in a automatic generated Powerpoint with several slides.

As first I tried it with OLE. Here its possible to create the whole ppt in abap. But OLE only works in Reports and not in WebDynpros.

Than I found How to - Add Custom XML Parts to PowerPoint. As result I get a emtpy powerpoint with the predefined template( that I had uploaded in the Mime-Repository). When I open the pptx with Winrar there is a ppt folder with the customXML data. How can implement the data in the powerpoint slides?

I hope somebody can help me or knows another way to create and fill up a powerpoint out of a WebDynpro.



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Sorry but this sounds like the weirdest requirement of the year. :) What exactly is a business case to generate a PP out of SAP? And not even SAP GUI but Web Dynpro, really? Dying to hear the story behind this. Some DIY visualization? "There is an app for that". :)

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Its about to fill up the presentation automatically with Business Data. In the meanwhile I solved the problem by myself.

But thanks... :)


I was sharing my impression and asking questions, not passing a judgement. Please don't project something onto my intentions that was not there.

At least I was trying to be helpful after seeing that the question has been sitting out there for a long time with no replies. It's sad that in return you chose not to share your solution, which could've been helpful to someone.

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1 Answer

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Former Member Dec 14, 2017 at 12:44 PM

I solved it that way:

As first, prepare the powerpoint file. Set Placeholders with dummy keywords (or dummy Images) on the slides and save the file as a XML Presentation. Import the Powerpoint Template in the Mime Respository.

Convert the file in a string, search for the keywords and replace them with the Data from the Web Dynpro.

Than convert it back in a xstring.

Use the Method attach_file_to_response from the class cl_wd_runtime_services to save the modified Powerpoint as a xml.

Thats my Rookie solution...if someone has another Idea or solution feel free to share it :)


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Nice simple hack, beats trying to generate it from scratch.Thanks for sharing.


Custom XML parts is essentially the same idea of placeholder replacement : insert tags (element names of an XML) into the document, and in ABAP you provide the XML with those elements and values (customxmlpart->feed_data). There are many ABAP blog posts about that, whatever it is for Word, Excel or Powerpoint.


Thanks for sharing the info.