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Negative Items of Interest or interactions?

Hi all,

Is it possible in hybris marketing to add a "negative" item of interest?

Let me illustrate with an example what I mean by this.

On a website; you can "like" a product. This is an interaction; and via the product which is linked to a category which is assigned to an interest, the prospect gets a "point" on the item of interest related to the product he liked.

But you can also "unlike" a product. So can you one way or another "counter" the first interaction? Can you set a kind of "negative point" on the item of interest?

Thx for your inputs,


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  • Hi Joyca,

    I would use external sentiment. With this way, item of interests will have a color depicting the sentiment of customer action - like and unlike in your case. But I'm talking about the valuation in the root of interaction, not the one in interests node.

    By the way quantifier used to be a field to manipulate the activity score, but not anymore. It's now quite obsolete!



  • Thanks Akil for your reaction.

    I've been playing with "Valuation" and "Quantifier" as well but neither of them helped me out.

    It's not only on the Profile Dashboard but also on the individual person's profile that a negative (or positive) valuation is not coloring the interests words with my like/unlike interaction. So in contrary, one "like" and one "unlike" make a specific interest larger each; which gives a very distorted picture of a person's interests. With Quantifier I tried to set it to "-1" (also tried to set it to like 5 etc) but this attribute doesn't seem to influence the size of the words at all...



  • Former Member Joyca Vervinckt

    I had the same findings. The size of the words seems to look at number of interactions only.

    "Quantifier" does not seem to have any effect whatsoever for me.



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